ICT Training and Consultancy


Welcome all types of corporate as well as individual to join our training to equip and upgrade yourself in today’s competitive world that emphasize on IT. With our expertise, we provide IT training and consultancy for you who want to improve their knowledge and skills in ICT field.

Our IT training and consultancy services are honed from practical experiences as well as through theoretical training.
We combined industry expertise, thought leadership and best-of-breed alliances with world-class technology providers to nurture creative innovation for your organization.

Our training and consultation include:-

  • Mobile phone repair training
  • Network technologies
  • Operating system
  • Programming
  • Internet technologies
  • Web and database
  • Securities like firewall, penetration testing, log analysis and securing server.
  • Security solution like CCTV, Access Control System
    If you looking for an integrated approach that fuses strategic direction with ICT technologies, let choose us as your right consultant.